Thursday, July 12, 2007

Govinda: Old wine, new bottle?

For the people following the hindu faith and religion, there is a bhajan (hymn) called ‘Govinda’. This is never actually taught, nor learnt. It becomes part of memory entirely on account of the innumerable repetitions of singing as well as hearing it. For folks of the non-hindu faith, this will still be familiar on account of its connection to the Beatles, Hippie Era and ‘Hare Rama Hare Krishna’ - ISKCON Movement.
An Indian music artist has taken this bhajan and ‘remixed’ it with a western rhythm. In it’s original ’state’ the current generation would not want to be seen to even think it, let along sing it. ‘Totally Old, dude!’ In this westernised state, it soon catches on and becomes ‘Cool, dude’!

This exemplifies the need of putting old wine into new bottles, just so that it will accepted. This is fine from the Generation X’s standpoint, but what of the traditionalist or the ‘oldies’ - will they accept these new bottles and what it does the old wine??

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